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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter is a quarter of a metre of fabric, but it is cut so that there is less wastage when cutting patchwork squares.

Most fabric is about 112cm wide, so a quarter of a metre of fabric would be a long narrow strip 25cm wide x 112cm long.

A fat quarter is half the width of fabric 56cm x 50 cm wide.


What's so great about 100% wool felt?

We love 100% wool felt, because it’s delightfully soft yet very strong. It’s able to handle reasonable stress along the seams without giving way – making it perfect for soft toys. I now prefer sewing with 100% wool felt because it’s very hard wearing and doesn't pill and fuzz like acrylic felts can, which means that beautiful toy you put all that hard work into will be looking its best for quite a while.

Our wool felt doesn't require pre-shrinking like cotton fabric does. It’s super-easy to care for – just give it a quick steamy iron to get any creases out. Another great thing about wool felt is that it’s naturally water-resistant, meaning if something is spilled on it, you have a few minutes to quickly wipe off the spill. For this reason, it shouldn't require regular washing.


How do I wash 100% Wool Felt?

Wool felt shouldn’t require regular washing, but if it does need a freshen up, it’s best to give it a quick hand-wash in a gentle detergent or wool-wash. Remember not to agitate the felt too much while it’s wet, as this will cause it to “felt” more, meaning the piece will get smaller and thicker. After all, felt is made by wetting wool in soapy water and rubbing it together until it matts up (…essentially)


Do you post overseas?

Sure do, read more on our Postage page.