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Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder - Black

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Similar to a pincushion, the Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder magnetically keeps loose pins in place while offering organisation and order. The magnetic platform separates the pins from one another and fans them along the perimeter, making it easy to pick them up. Uniquely, the Zirkel will not clump hardware in a prickly pile. 

The Zirkel is recommended for the sewing room, office, workshop, beauty salon... the possibilities are endless. Use the Zirkel to hold your push pins, hair pins, sewing pins, screws, nails, paper clips, needles, safety pins, fishing hooks and bolts.
The weight of the Zirkel also allows it to be used functionally as a paper weight for sewing patterns, schematics, plans, etc.
The Zirkel is heavier than most magnetic pin organizers but the substantial magnet makes a huge difference in performance. It may also be placed vertically
  • When dropped sharp side down, pins stay sharp side down with heads fanned out, in a flat position for ease of picking up regardless of how they are dropped
  • Can attach vertically to any metal object
  • Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 500 grams approx.

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Country of manufacture U.S.
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