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Wool felt sheet sizes

We're often asked - "What size do your wool felt sheets come in"?

The answer? Lots!

Merino wool felt

Our 1mm thick 100% Merino Wool Felt is available in the below sizes:
Size (cm) Name Price Order Quantity
25 x 22.5 Fat Sixteenth $3.19 1
25 x 45 Fat Eighth $6.38 2
50 x 45 Fat Quarter $12.76 4
50 x 90 Half Metre $25.52 8
100 x 90 Metre $51.04 16
100 x 180 Off the bolt $102.08 32
Multiple units are cut as one continuous pieces, so if you order 2 units, they will be cut as one piece 25cm x 45cm. 
Our felt comes on rolls 1.8m wide and is cut like so:
100% Merino wool felt sheet sizes
For orders of up to 1.8m wide x 1m the price is $102.08 per metre and can be ordered through the website (order 32 units). 
For orders of 1.8m wide x >1 metre in length, we can accomodate 0.25m increments (e.g. 1.25m, 1.5m, 1.75m) and it's easiest to send us your order via email
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Glitter wool felt sheets

Our glitter wool felt sheets are flexible and easily cut into shapes - and best of all they don't shed flecks of glitter!

We purchase our Glitter Wool Felt sheets in three pre-cut sheets sizes:

  • Small - 15cm x 24cm
  • Medium - 30cm x 24cm
  • Large - 30cm x 48cm

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